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Rustic Beach Path


  • What can I expect at my first massage?
    If you this is your first massage, you may be a little nervous and have questions about your session. Our staff will explain everything to you and make sure you have a great experience.
  • Should I talk during my massage?
    You're welcome to talk or remain silent, whatever is more comfortable for you. Your massage therapist will be comfortable chatting or working in silence while you relax.
  • How much should I undress for my massage?
    You only need to undress to the level that is comfortable for you. Some people go nude under the sheets, others keep just their underwear on, and some wear a t-shirt and shorts. Our message therapists will use sheets and draping to protect your modesty, and they will let you know if they need to adjust your clothing to treat a certain area.
  • How many massage sessions do you think I'll need?
    This varies from person to person. If your main goal is relaxation, then a massage session every 3-6 weeks is likely fine. For relief from specific conditions, it's recommended you start with more frequent sessions, then taper down to a maintenance schedule once you are feeling better. At your first visit, we will discuss your needs and determine a schedule that makes the most sense for you.
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