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At Saucon Valley massage therapy, we strive to provide the best massage for our customers every time. We will try to customize your massage based on your occupation, activities, stress levels etc.

At SVMT we do not believe in therapist up selling products and the reason behind this philosophy is this. If a therapist is thinking about making more money from their client, then they are not focused on the clients needs. At SVMT you are the most important person in the room.


At Saucon Valley Massage Therapy, we believe in the power of therapeutic touch. Whether it’s to relieve tension from life’s stresses or relaxing a muscle that is impinging a nerve, the therapists at Saucon Valley Massage Therapy understand how to meet their patients’ individualized needs. When your with us, you are the most important person in the room. We believe that massage therapy can benefit all people.

Water Ripples


In 1990, Joanne Robbins purchased a historic building on Main Street in Hellertown and converted the space into a 4-room massage therapy center. Her vision was to provide quality therapeutic massage therapy for the Lehigh Valley. Through the years she created a team of qualified massage therapists that led the industry for 28 years. As well as serving the Lehigh Valley and surrounding area, but were also the only massage center in the area to provide massage therapy to the Philadelphia Eagles from 1999- 2011. In October, 2015 Westley Morris, the son of Joanne Robbins, decided to get involved with the business and in May 2017, Saucon Valley Massage Therapy was born. We still hold the core values of honesty, integrity, client-service, and quality service.

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Westley first was introduced to the power of touch when he was 6 years old. After working all day, his mother would come home and complain about hurting feet. Westley would massage her feet and saw that by doing so, she experienced some relief. When he was old enough to choose a career, he tried various occupations but was attracted to the power of therapeutic touch. After graduating from Health Options Institute in 2007, he worked as a massage therapist and quickly realized that he was gifted. Mother and son, serving patients side-by-side, is what makes Saucon Valley Massage Therapy a unique family business you can trust.

Westley Morris, Andy Lee & Ricky Gower |
On Every Main Street

Host Greg Capogna talks with Westley Morris of Saucon Valley Massage Therapy, Andy Lee of Braveheart Highland Pub and Ricky Gower with BB&T Trust Bank, about the pandemic, its effect on their businesses and how to safely reopen.

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